Services offered by Van de Poll Garden Design
"Our garden is the envy of our neighbourhood, and more beautiful than we could have imagined."
"You managed to incorporate all our needs into a very pleasing and user-friendly outdoor living area".
"Thank you for your interest and kind attention to my garden. Your knowledge and consideration is deeply appreciated."

our goal

- To provide you, the client, with a lasting home garden that will add curb appeal, create a pleasing setting for your home, and enrich your lifestyle. We strive to create a design and finished project that is personally suited to your life. Our job is successful when you are enjoying your newly designed garden with your family and friends. In our designs and projects we anticipate your outdoor morning coffees, BBQing meals, entertaining your friends, relaxing time in the hot tub or by the pool.

initial consultation

  • One hour visit to your home or site
  • Defining your needs and wishes
  • Review of your property
  • Design possibilities and solutions
  • Survey of budget and costs
  • Submission of a Garden Design Estimate
  • Fees: $150 + GST


  • Measuring and photographing site
  • Clarifying your needs and wishes on a scaled plan
  • Design layout of structure, features and plantings
  • Innovative approach to problems
  • Notes for materials and construction
  • Planting Plan with Plant List
  • Options for construction details, elevations, 3D perspective drawings
  • Fees: $1,000 - $3,000 approx ($90/hr) with a Garden Design Estimate
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project management

  • Plan of action
  • Acquisition and review of project estimates
  • Project stage options
  • Schedule of project
  • Cost control
  • Quality control
  • Site visits and update reports
  • Software aided project tracking
  • Fees: 5 - 10% of project costs