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"We are typically DIY people and not very used to hiring contractors, but working with Van de Poll Garden Design was a very pleasant experience. They handled the process very professionally, paid attention and met all our requirements, and most importantly - designed our backyard better that we ever could."
"What Van de Poll Garden Design created was beyond our expectations: a beautiful private oasis with multi-tiered decking, stonework, strategically placed gardens, and even space for a small fountain! Considering the tiny footprint of this project we are amazed that he was able to take our unrealistic expectations and actually pull it off."
"Van de Poll Garden Design helped us with a complete backyard redesign that included a large deck, patio and planting arrangements. They came up with imaginative suggestions, but were also receptive to our specific needs and wants and worked with us through a few iterations of the plan to incorporate the elements we wanted."

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at home in canada

- Vanishing-edge pools provide a luxurious outdoor experience
by Wendy Helfenbaum, October 29, 2018

The most successful optical illusions trick the eye into seeing something magical. Infinity pools – where water flows over one or more edges, making the pool appear to blend with a larger body of water beyond – became popular in Europe in the 1990s, especially at hotels. Over the past 10 years, this type of pool has become a must-have outdoor element among North American homeowners with large swaths of land, Instagram-worthy views, and large landscaping budgets. Infinity pools are believed to have originated in France at the Palace of Versailles in the 17th century, says Reinier van de Poll, owner of Van de Poll Garden Design in Vancouver. "Many would point to the Stag Fountain as one of the first examples of a vanishing pool edge – the use of the horizon and the infinity," he says ...
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vancouver home - kitchens 2018

- One House, Two Kitchens
by Julie Gedeon, Febuary 11, 2018

We often speak of things being indoor/outdoor, but perhaps it's time to reverse that order of thinking. That's what a Maple Ridge family did when renovating their property; they created a seamless cohesion between their cuisine-equipped backyard deck and their indoor/family room. "People are spending more times outdoors, using their yard as an extension of their home," says Denise Macintosh, founder and owner of Genesis Kitchens & Design. With Vancouver-area property costs, you want to use every square inch of your space. The homeowners initially hired landscape architect Reinier Van de Poll to convert their unused back yard into a heaven, complete with ...
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bcaa home - spring 2018

- Design a gorgeous green space to protect your most precious asset
by Christine Symons, Spring 2018

Gardens and yards add beauty and tranquility to any property. But when designed and installed thoughtfully, they can also help protect and add value to your home. Read on for tips on how to make the most of your great green investment.

Sussing out the site. Reinier van de Poll knows there is more to a good garden than aesthetics. As owner of Van de Poll Garden Design, he works on landscaping and garden projects throughout the Lower Mainland, Sunshine Coast and Interior. Most homeowners come to him simply to improve their green spaces for beauty and enjoyment – however, drainage, fire safety and privacy are always part of the package.

"Clients often have a dream of using their backyard for more entertaining and as a personal retreat," says van de Poll. "They’ll send me a wish list." ...
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the squamish chief

- Garden design for your Squamish front yard
by Melissa Geddes, November 18, 2015

If you feel like work in the garden is coming to an end and that it will be a long wait until spring, remember that planning and design never go out of season. I had the good fortune recently to attend a seminar on design for small gardens at the ever-lovely Van Dusen botanical gardens, and my creative juices are flowing.

The seminar was led by Reinier van de Poll, whom I have had the good fortune of seeing on several occasions. Van de Poll has extensive experience working for horticulturalists and garden centres, and he is a graduate of the landscape design and horticultural program at BCIT, even studying under the inimitable John Brookes...
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the west coast garden

- Reinier van de Poll contributed a chapter in this book
by Michael K. Lascelle Geddes

An Excerpt: "In practice, the designer must balance the nature of the site and the needs of the homeowner. Success and satisfaction result in blending the two. Visitors perceive the landscape as a marriage of design and the natural environs, and thus we reach our goal of a distinct West Coast garden style. "...
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